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Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! We loaded it up with items that are on the lifestyle section of our website but also wanted to say how excited I am to finally have a blog! People have been telling me to start one for years- but I only wanted to do it when I knew I could take the time and attention to do it right. So, here we are in 2009 and kicking it off with a bang with a new blog! Of course, I am going to write and feature things that we sell in the store and on our site, but I also am going to write about ideas and experiences and inspirations for all parts of life- things that you can buy, make, do, etc. to help make your life more fulfilling. Our motto for the shop is the same as our creed here—

We are about Having Fun, Enjoying Life, Making the most of each and every day- and helping you to do the same.

Love and Laughter reign supreme.


So, with all that being said- here is my official first tidbit to share-

Stendig Calendar

Have you seen the coolest calendar of all time- the Stendig calendar (of course we sell them in the shop- we have a few left, $35). It was first created in

1966 by Massimo Vignelli  and is now an Internation Iconic art piece that is even in the MoMa’s permanent collection. Its huge- 36″ x 48″- we had one in the window of the shop and sold a bunch that way but it literally took up half the window. I have been obsessed with them since the 3rd grade when I got my first one with my dad at the Conran Shop (when it used to be at the CitiCorp building). I was so excited when I tracked them down and was able to buy them for the shop. What a great way to say hello to the new year!

Call me at the store if you want me to save one for you- 718.522.9848

Santa’s Workshop



We are busy at the shop with internet orders and store sales! It has been really fun to see what people buy for their loved ones and know that we will be a part of many Happy Holidays this season. Please call us if you have any questions or special requests (718.522.9848)- we loved brainstorming ideas for parties of 60 or hostess gifts or what to get for your five best friends! We can also have everything wrapped and ready to go for you if you’d like to leave your purchases with us, or pre shop over the phone or internet. As one of our favorite customers said, its like Santa’s Workshop over here at Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store.

Hope to see you soon!


Trick or Treat!


We had a great Halloween with lots of cute & scary trick or treaters! One of my favorites was a little girl around 8 or 9 dresses as Coco Channel. One of my favorite families and their friends stopped by for some treats and got some Glow Necklaces too – here’s their picture…


Our masks were a big hit this year and a bargain for $2.50 (here’s a picture with me and some little friends wearing some).

Cheers to another fun Halloween at the shop!

Cool Plug on the Isaac Mizrahi Show!

We got a cool plug on the Isaac Mizrahi show the other day, as Jessica Romm, Style Editor at Food & Wine, talked to Isaac about Fall Entertaining Ideas and showed our Octavia Cocktail Napkins and mused about the shop and how rockin’ Brooklyn is for shopping! check it out here-

Book Event

Thank you to all who attended the ‘You’re Amazing’ book event on Saturday October 18th. We had a great time learning about ourselves, as well as issues facing young girls (and older ones too!) today. Claire walked us through some exercises and excerpts from the book. We thought we would recap some notes for people who couldn’t make it:

1. Locker Portait- Claire asked us to draw a picture of a girl on a large piece of plain white paper. You can do it at home-
At the top of her head, write- “What do you think about/ dream about?”
On the right hand write- “What do I spend my money on?”
One the left hand write- “How do I spend my time?”
At the place over the heart, write, “What do I care about?”
At the place over the belly write, “What do I worry about?”
At the base of the portrait, where the feet are, write, “What do I stand for/believe in?”
Write in your answers, you can also use personal photos, pictures from magazines, glitter, stickers, crayons, markers or paint to represent your answers in a unique, colorful collage. Hang it in your locker, or wherever you can see it every day.

2. We also did the Beauty Playlist activity from the book- pgs. 19-20 and Claire read an excerpt from the book about Magali Amadei, a model who talks about how modeling is hard on your self esteem since most of the images in magazines, etc. are altered. Magali is quoted, “It’s not just erasing a pimple here and there. They can change a model’s entire face and body. My teeth have been straightened, my waist has been thinned, and I even got ‘digital breast implants’ for the cover of Cosmopolitan. Believe me, there is no beauty product in existence that works as well as Photoshop!”

3. Another activity we did was called What’s Most important to You? (Pg. 95) – where we listed our top ten GOALS, as well as our top ten ACTIVITIES. It was an interesting case study to see if we spend most of our time doing things that will help us accomplish our goals. We spoke about balance in our lives too.

4. We also did- How Well Do you Know your Family (pg. 74-75), a take on the old Newlywed game where we wrote down answers to questions how we thought our parents/ kids would answer. This is something fun to do at home to get to know your family better!

You’re Amazing!

We are SUPER excited to have Claire Mysko join us on October 18th from noon- 1:30pm at the store to talk about her book- You’re Amazing! A No Pressure Guide to Being You’re Best Self from Girls Inc. It’s a wonderful book inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. We are inviting girls and their parents for a fun afternoon with Claire at the shop. Come hear about the book, discuss the many issues young girls are experiencing these days, see your friends, shop our fun store, etc. If you have more questions please give us a call (718.522.9848), and also check out Claire’s website and reviews of her book through the links below. Hope to see you then!


(If you can’t make it to the shop for the event, we will post notes from the event online afterwards, so please check back after the 18th

Thank you for an Incredible First Anniversary Weekend!!

Thank you soo much for all your support as we turned one this weekend! Wahoo!! We had a great weekend seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and celebrating Brooklyn through the Atlantic Antic! We took pictures of local customers throughout the week and hung them on the windows to say Thank you for a great first year.


p.s. in case anyone is interested, and as an addendum to story below about Flip and the bike race- he did amazingly well despite some injuries (and a rain delay for the race by 1 week) and raised $1,425 for Mass Mentoring.

Our One Year Anniversary – October 4th!

 I can’t believe October 4th will be our One Year Anniversary! Wahooo!! Time flies when you are having fun (and working hard!). It has been a great year and as we look forward to another memorable one, I was thinking of all the wonderful people who have helped bring the store to life. shopI also want to make sure that we give back to our community for all their support- so in conjunction with some festivities at the shop over the Anniversary weekend, we are also participating in the Fund for Public’s School’s Shop for Public School’s event. Blue Ribbon General Store, as well as other participating retailers in NYC will donate part of their proceeds of their sales from October 1-8th to Public School Libraries. Come out and buy something for yourself and support of good cause at the same time!

On Sunday October 5th join us at the shop while you stroll down Atlantic Avenue’s Atlantic Antic Street Fair—come by the shop, one block from Atlantic Avenue (at Bond Street, corner of State and Bond) for special Sale items, treats for everyone and to see all our new fall merchandise. Or order online in honor of our big day! Hope to see you soon!

You Go Girl!

gogirlI pass this on the way to the shop everyday- it makes me feel empowered. It also makes me laugh- which is also a good thing!

Flip and the Rodman Ride


lifestyle_flipFor those of you who know me, you will have definitely heard me talk about my dear friend Flip (Felipe Suarez, Jr.). Flip was my dear friend Bill Cartier’s “little brother” through Big Brothers/Big Sister since Flip was in the 7th grade (he is now 23!). Unfortunately, Bill passed away in a tragic skiing accident in 2001. Since then Flip and I have bonded and with Bill’s moms help (my dear friend Pooh!)-we have helped him through high school, a post graduate year at Bill’s alma mater-Trinity Pawling, as well as through college at Western New England College. When he graduated last year he quickly got a job at my old previous employer Coach Leatherware. It wasn’t his thing though-and he decided to pursue the much more fulfilling world of Non-Profit work where he can start to give back some of the wonderful good will that he has been lucky to receive. Anyway-that is a quick lowdown on Flip-and now on to why I am writing about him.

He is riding in the Rodman Ride for Kids-a 50 mile Bike Ride through Massachusetts (he lives in Boston now and works for Mass Mentoring)-on September 27, 2008 and is raising money for Mass Mentoring through donations for the ride. If anyone is interested in learning more or donating- here is a link to the site.

Thank you!

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