Marfa, Texas (& NYC)

marfa-texasI have been hearing a ton lately about Marfa, Texas— have you been? My visits to the Lone Star state have been limited to Austin- but I am very intruiged by all the artisitic adventures I hear going on done there in Marfa (photo above from Brian Saghy/ WordPress).  As you can see, its a small place with lots of buzz.  Apparently its only got one bank, one laundrymat- and almost no commercialism (no bilboards, traffic lights, chain stores). It has hosted some famous movie sets recently (No Country for Old Men and There will be Blood)- but it was minimalist artist Donald Judd who put it on the map. He moved there in the early 70’s, first renting summer houses, and then moving there permanently from NYC. He installed big art exhibits there on two ranches he bought that eventually became two artist anti-museums (artwork stays here permanently, on a grand scale so people can appreciate them over time), The Block and Judd Foundation. Judd passed away in 1994 but the artistic movement has grown considerably since his death and there are more galleries and installations all over town (including the Prada store installation below. A faux boutique set with Prada fashions from Fall 2005 but it is sealed as a time capsule and will never be opened. Actually the Prada boutique is in Valentine, Tx- 40 mins away from Marfa).


I first heard about Marfa, Texas last December when we had those ceramic humidifiers in that BLEW OUT of the store when they were on Daily Candy– and the Marfa one was an instant hit-


Jessica, a good customer who helps at the shop,  is part of the Art World and  quickly filled me in on Marfa. So, then I started to do more research and was intrigued by the art scene down there. Domino Magazine (RIP!) has some good guides of the place (might want to print them out now, not sure how long the site will be up for and there a lot of valuable information on there).

And then over the weekend (to bring it back HOME) I checked out Marfa (the bar/ restaurant) on 2nd Street btw Ave A and 1st (where Waikiki Wally’s used to be- maybe same people, new “experience”) and it was fun! Food was really good (we got the Border Platter for 2-yum!). It was kind of slow when we got there around 8pm, but picked up and was a fun night. Apparently they have some good Texas booze there too for you Natives (there is also a drink called the Marfarita). Anyway, it all goes back to my theory that once you start hearing about something, suddenly its EVERYWHERE. UBIQUITOUS.  Enjoy MARFA and what it has to teach us, no matter where you are.


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