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Take some TIME OUT for Fun

tony-kids-cover-april-2009001We got a nice little plug in this month’s Time Out New York Kids issue. All about throwing a great birthday party, and a Low- Cost Celebration at that. Our Silly Putty made it in to the favor section– “No goody bag is complete without this traditional stretchy, newsprint-copying, gummy goop.” $2.50 for the original, also for a limited time we also have the  Glow in the Dark kind as well, which I must say looks pretty in an Easter Basket with the pastel eggs the “goop” comes inside.

silly-putty-tony-kids-4-09001I am loving this magazine for many reasons- they interview Markian Surmach from Surma-The Ukranian Shop in the East Village, for tips on decorating Easter Eggs. You are never too old to do this- I love dying eggs every year! Of course, I am almost the drinking age and buying cigarettes age combined and still exchange Easter Baskets with my best friend every year, so I don’t think I will ever grow up!

puddle-jumper001Also-diggin’ this spread on Puddle Jumping boots. I have been wanting Hunter Wellies for years now, and think I waited so long so I could get SILVER ones! Love them! and maybe I could sneak into the kids size for $60??? Couldn’t find the Mini Metallica Silver ones on their website, but TONY Kids references Harry Shoes for these little gems. $115 for Adults.

Plus, I was taken in even by the ads! Loved the picture for the Karma Kids studio. Amazing Stuff out there for kids these days! or for Adults that never really grew up, like me!!

p.s. Just realized April’s TONY Kids also included a write-up on our April 18th event for Earth Day– where author Lisa Greenwald will read from her new book, My Life in Pink and Green– little treats and giveaways too!! 1-3:30 pm at the shop.  THANKS TONY!!