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An oldy but goody: Sunprint kits

sunprint-kit2Did y’all have sunprints as a child?  I loved them and we sell tons at the shop. It is a great way for kids to learn the photographic process and enjoy nature and art all at the same time. The standard kit contains twelve 10×10 cm sheets of Sunprint paper- that you place “found” objects on, put in the sun until the paper turns white (1-5 minutes) and then rinse off in water. We get tons of Adults who buy these as well- and even make holiday cards, etc. Sunprint kit is $5.95. Great idea now that the weather is getting nice. And for Easter Baskets too!

sunprint-kit-superBuy popular demand we also got in some of the SUPER Sunprint kits in- containing fifteen sheets of the 20×30 cm sheets of Sunprint paper. $14.95.