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Borotalco, and other finds by Shelton Smith


Shelton Smith (above) is a dear friend of mine who has been hearing me talk about the store for SEVERAL YEARS (um, like 10) before I actually pulled it all together and opened. Like so many of my friends, she was so supportive along the way– and even helped me find items for the shop to sell. One of her favorites is our Borotalco powder – lovely powder imported from Italy and naturally scented with floral oils, $15.  Shelton loves to sprinkle it on her sheets in the morning so her bedroom is always lovely and fresh, a tip she picked up in a beauty magazine. I also love to bounce ideas of off Shelt; one day when she was loading up on Valentine’s treats for friends – she gave me the 2 thumbs up on those lovely perfume sticks I wrote about back in February (and that we are almost out of Thank You very much!). Beauty is her specialty. She has also been super supportive lately and been keeping me extra company at the shop- making Easter Baskets,  selling away and being wonderful as always. Thanks Shelton!