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Going Bananas for fresh art–


Fresh Art is a non- profit organization dedicated to providing expanded artistic, personal development and entrepreneurial opportunities to NYC artists with special needs. One aspect of their cause is asking people like you and I to help create these adorable  SOCK MONKEYS that they then sell to fund their many programs. I was introduced to this great program through a customer of mine who asked to hang up a flyer for a Kids Craft Fair that I went to a few weeks back, A Brooklyn Lyceum Craft Market. I saw the wonderful sock monkeys up close and in person and even took info on a SOCK MONKEY WORKSHOP where others can become involved with this wonderful program. More info on becoming part of this great organization by clicking here. In the meantime- here is more about FRESH ART:

“fresh art was formed in September 1997, by people active in social services and the arts, who believe that artists with special needs should be recognized for their talent and not solely for the obstacles in their lives. fresh art introduces these artists to the greater community, with the belief that they will benefit in all aspects of their lives from being recognized for their cultural contributions to society.

since the inception of fresh art’s programs in 1999, [they] have helped over 300 special needs artists from twenty-nine social service agencies from the New York City area.

fresh arts’s artists reflect a diversity of under- served groups throughout the city. They are seniorsm people with mental illness, phycial and emotional disabilities, HIV and AIDS, in long-term recovery from chemical dependencies, and homelessness.”

read more here about this interesting organization, and help them out by being a Sock Monkey volunteer too! (they meet every other Monday from 6:30- 8pm at their offices in NYC- you just need to know how to hand sew).

p.s. we also sell adorable sock monkeys at the shop too- that’s what inspired me to write about these sock monkeys! ours are from Schylling and are $19.99.