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Get Excited and Make Things: 20×200


Yesterday a customer told me about this great print- Get Excited and Make Things by artist Matt Jones, inspired by the fabulous Keep Calm and Carry On. I am bananas for it– I love what it says: take action, do something, MAKE THINGS!! We have been busy at the shop doing just that (more on this in the next few weeks as we unveil some fun new Annie’s originals in May). Plus love the color of the print– for those of you have been in the shop you know that this is the color of the store (and my bedroom!). The site where you can buy this wonderful print is 20×200– the idea being affordable art available to everyone through the internet, where the largest batch of prints would be $20 and printed in batches of 200. Since Jen Bekman opened her gallery in Manhattan’s lower East Side five years ago, the idea has grown and batch sizes vary, but is usually offered at three different sizes and three different manageable price points. 20×200 is a “big idea built of a lot of little pieces.” They introduce two new pieces a week- one photo and one  work on paper (so get on their mailing list). Right now this great print is sold out in the $20 size (8×10), but there are a couple hundred left at the 11×14 size- for $50 and a few left left at the 16×20 size for $200. Or maybe this will inspire you to Make Your Own Thing.