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I am so proud!

lucy-with-ribbonsI am going to be a proud and boastful God-Mother today and write about my girl Lucy who WON HER FIRST BLUE RIBBON in a Horse Show on Saturday!! How exciting!  Lucy is all business about horses.  She works it back to every story or project (her mom will say, “Draw a Frog for Annie Lo, she loves frogs”– so I get a picture of a frog on top of a horse- love it!).  I really admire her determination and dedication to one thing. I am about six times Lucy’s age and I can’t seem to focus on one thing… So, it was no surprise when I got the call early on Saturday morning that Lucy had won her first BLUE RIBBON! She won in Walk- Trot Equitation (which means the judges were evaluating her, not the horse), and at 6 1/2 years old was competing against kids much older and experienced than herself. Go LUCE!! You can see she also won a few others too, and appreciates them all– yellow, pink, you name it.  I love you Lucy!


Also- just found out, this is Lucy’s second website appearance today- she is also featured on The Show Kid’s website (that’s Lucy in front of the barn on home page), which Lucy’s mom Janet says is an AMAZING resource for Kids and Horse show apparel. The people over there really hooked up our girl!!! Thanks Show Kid!