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What do you Gnome? It’s Earth Day!

gnome-from-state-streetHappy Earth Day Everyone!! I originally started today’s post just talking about the cute (and wonderfully smelling) Gnome candles we have at the shop (see below)– and thought they would be perfect for today since they are literally all shades of Green. And then I was walking to the shop down lovely State Street and spotted this little guy in someone’s garden and started to do some research on Gnomes. Did you know the term Gnome actually means Earth dweller? They are considered Earth Spirits and represent the Earth element- perfect little creatures to represent Earth Day. So it turns out I am more clever than I thought- ha!

If you want a little slice of Heavenly Gnome-ness for your home- check out our wonderful French Gnome candles. I am Bananas for them!

gnome-candles-3Those are the little Guys, but here are their bigger friends-

gnome-candles-3-tallerAnd here is the Big Daddy–

gnome-big-guy1but these tins below are the ones that smell SOOOOOO GOOOOOD and got me hooked! Prices- $14.95- $60 for the Big Guy above.