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Something to celebrate- WPPD


Did you know today is World Pinhole Photography Day?!?! A pinhole camera is a very simple camera with no lens and a single very small aperture (hole through which light travels). It can be a light proof box (or can, etc.) with a hole on one side. World Pinhole Photograph Day (WPPD) helps celebrate this art form and helps us take a step back from technology for a moment and appreciate the Pinhole Camera. With Pinhole Cameras you can really experiment with exposure times and light and learn the true art of  photography. It is celebrated the last Sunday in April each year, but you can celebrate the Pinhole camera every day with our Hole on Ex camera (above), it uses 35mm film and can be used again and again, $20.

FYI- I read about WPPD on– a cool site for photography buffs. Turns out we sell a lot of the same stuff too 🙂