Finding Your Way…

Compass necklaceIt’s Graduation time– and there are, of course, the usual Graduation Gifts out there, but since we are always trying to take it up a notch with cleverness and wit (and fun & function) we have come up with some different twists on the Graduation theme. The first is the compass necklace, above (also comes black/white lettering ), to help your special grad (or yourself!) find your way, $25.

Be AmazingAnother great idea is this cool new book from the Mental Floss people, Be Amazing. It offers practical advice for the graduate- such as “Colonize a Nation,” “Start your own religion,” “Perform your Own Surgery” and MANY more… $16.99.

Graduation mad libsGraduation Mad Libs. Fun for all ages.  Would even lighten up the most serious PhD candidate,  or middle schooler needing help looking for the next Verb or Pronoun. $3.99.

Meditation Bath salts

Or maybe some of our new Meditation Bath Salts from Buddha Nose, so they can meditate on what to do next!? $19.95.


1 Response to “Finding Your Way…”

  1. 1 laura November 29, 2009 at 1:00 am

    i’d like to find out more about the compass necklace, like dimensions, materials, etc. Can I contact you?

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