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ColorformsDid you grow up with Colorforms? Colorforms are “paper-thin, die cut vinyl sheets with images and shapes that can be applied to a slick cardboard background” (thank you Wikipedia for the concise definition). We have the original set at the shop, from the 50’s and it’s one of my favorite finds. It seems like some unfortunate souls did not have these growing up (like my poor husband and best bud Shelton who were here when I first unpacked them many moons ago and I exclaimed- THE COLORFORMS ARE HERE! YEAH!! and they looked at me like I was nuts, and both asked- “what are colorforms?!”). Luckily we had these  growing up  in NJ, but unfortunately they had already been licensed out to the world by then,  so I remember my favorites being Raggedy Ann and Andy, and my brother had the GI Joe ones. Like I said though, these are the original, real deal Colorforms, with pages and pages of shapes and colors.  We sell them more to Graphic Designers and adults longing for the nostalgia of their youth, than for actual children (although I remember one mom buying them for her young son as they were taking a long Amtrak train ride and apparently they stick to the train windows, so this was brought along for hours of amusement on the trip). The 350 pcs set will keep you, or your little one, designing cool images for hours. $42.