Zoo puzzles!

zoo puzzle

I am headed down to DC today for the weekend (no worries, the shop is still open for biz!) and I’m super excited! My man Rob is from Capitol Hill and so we are going to spend some time with his family, etc. He is also performing down there at the Arlington Cinema Draft House if you are in the hood, please come out and see him! On Sunday we are going to the Zoo in Cleveland Park with his whole family- which included 4 adorable nephews, Rob’s brother & his sweet wife Katrina, Rob’s wonderful sister, Charlotte and her husband Jim. Mama Cantrell is coming along too so it is an extra special treat since we haven’t all been together in almost a year ago (since our wedding last May). We are going to have a picnic at the Zoo, so I thought I’d bring along these cute new matchbox puzzles that we got in the shop, each with a different Zoo animal on them and a fun fact too. There is a Zebra, Elephant, Lion and Giraffe- one for each little boy. I wrapped them up and voila– a little treat after our sandwiches. Can’t wait!

wrapped presents

Here they all are wrapped up and ready to go. Signed “ENJOY! Love, Aunt Annie and Uncle Bobby”. $2.50 each.


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