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Food from friends–

I love how at the shop we have developed a real sense of community and over the past 1 1/2 years I have gotten to know my customers well, and now consider them my friends. I have seen babies born, weddings (and break ups!), kids birthday parties (I remember what we put in the goody bags last year vs. this year…).  We talk about how their sick Aunt is doing (the one they bought the lavender eye pillow for), or how their vacation with the whole family went (and if the travel games were a hit)– you get the idea. I love it- EVERY MINUTE!  Anyone that has spent time with me at the shop always says how nice all the customers are, and I am so grateful of the community we have built both at the physical shop as well as online (last evening I had a fun email exchange with a customer in Winston-Salem, NC– she actually wrote about us on her blog- All Things Considered). Yesterday I was lucky enough to get two amazing gifts from 2 of my favorite customers– the word must be out that I love food treats, because they both bought me lovely edible gifts. In the morning Ken, a great customer who lives out in Long Island but comes through the LIRR near the shop about once or twice a week (more on him in another post!), brought me a “Long Island delicacy” Pretzel Rolls! Have you ever had such a thing? They are made of pretzel dough rolled into the shape of rolls-delicious! You can eat them as is, or use them for sandwiches. What a nice treat!

pretzel rollLater in the day, another wonderful customer, Iris, brought me some home made sourdough with Black Caraway Seeds. YUMMM!!! She started a little cottage industry from her home and sells to local shops and I can say first hand it is Out of this World (look for it at Jesse’s Boerum Hill Market, etc.- it is called Wild Mountain)!! Rob made a big breakfast this morning of eggs, avocados, etc. and we had some of this delicious bread on the side (the pretzel rolls did not make it past lunchtime yesterday). Iris is such a fun woman and has a great sense of spirit. She is always very giving and buys lots of treats for many different family members, but she also usually buys something fun for herself too (like silly chattering teeth!)

Wild Mountain logo001I am so grateful to count these two wonderful people as friends now, as well as so many of our other customers!! Thank you all for your wonderful support and friendship. Gotta run now, have to eat my sandwhich made of sourdough!!