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Anniversary Time!

Happy Anniversary CardToday is my (OUR!) One Year Anniversary- yeah!! We are celebrating tonight, but in thinking of what to get my man, I realized how many Weddings there are this time of the year, sooo therefore how many Anniversary’s there must be too! We got some great new Anniversary cards in (including the one above from Hello! Lucky, $4.50) and so I also thought I would pull together some thoughtful and clever present ideas that won’t break the bank. I took the Traditional Anniversary gift guide as a starting point and went from there…


So, I obviously got Rob a card (maybe Rob will make me one!!) but I also got him this cool NYC graffiti coloring book. All the pages are left b&w so you can color in as you like (the back shows them all complete as they are on the streets). $15.75.

Street Art Coloring Book(only going to do the major anniversaries folks…)


Knock on Wood we will make it to (atleast!!!) number five, but in the meantime I thought this one up on the fly for a customer who was going to visit a couple who had just moved into a new apartment and it was also there anniversary– check out the cute card from Seltzer ($3.50) & the E-Z Chopsticks (held together with a silver wire, like long Laundry clothespins) we paired with it (4 sets in a a nice silver bag, $9.95).

Chopstick card

Ez Woods ChopsticksFYI– year six is candy– that is right up my alley! can’t wait for 2014!

TEN……TIN (um, Tin? what is up with that)

Tin LanternThese Tin Lanterns are made from Recyled Metal Cans– very fun and colorful and the little doors open for you to put candles inside- $49.99.



Hmm, well since we are going off a bit here, I found something cool that is MADE IN CHINA (designed in Japan, assembled in China)! It is an awesome Black Bird, Fly twin- reflex camera to document the second half of your marriage. The two of you, two lenses…. something like that. It uses 35mm film and takes amazing pictures.  $130 (also available in white, red and orange).