Max’s 4th Birthday & The Balloon Powered Drag Race

Balloon Drag RaceFunny little story at the shop over the weekend. First of all, there seemed to be TONS of Birthdays this weekend (including Little Leo from next door who turned 2 yesterday), and a good customer came in early in the day on Saturday with her cute little son Max to buy a birthday present for a party they were going to straight away. Max picked up the Balloon Powered Drag Race Cars (above) that were not-so-stragetically right by the counter and he instantly wanted one. His mom politely said that they were looking for other people’s presents today but he would have plenty to open tomorrow. Max did not easily take no for an answer, but as usual he was very well-behaved. That is when I tried to change the subject and when we learned it was Max’s birthday over the weekend and heard about the festivities, etc. On the way out Max’s mom said, if anyone comes looking for a present for Max’s Birthday- he wants the BALLOON POWERED DRAG RACE! About 2 hours later the shop was pretty busy so I did not see one of my other favorite customers walk in, and after a few moments I found her checking out the toys and she asked for a good present for a four year old boy. I suggested my favorite Al’s Auto Workshop and Doodle Track cars amongst other things, and then thought to ask– “Wait, is this for Max??” Low and behold, it was for Max so we quickly wrapped it up and she was on her merry way knowing Max was getting EXACTLY what he wanted! Mission Accomplished, all for $7.50.  Max- I hope you had a great birthday!


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