Blackbird, Fly Twin- Lens Reflex Camera

blackbird fly camera

There are soo many cool and clever cameras on the market these days- but since we are Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store and just try and find the best of the crop and those worthy of the “blue ribbon” we are selling a choice few from Superheadz, and this one is our favorite. The Blackbird, Fly Twin- Lens Reflex Camera: one lens is used to expose the film, while the other is used like a viewfinder. It’s a famous style of camera whose history stretches back to the 1920s. Unlike most twin-lens reflex cameras, which take larger 120 format film, the Blackbird, fly uses 35mm film- which you can process, scan and print at any one-hour photoshop. You can take Normal (24×36) photos, Square (24×24) photos, or Full (36×36) photos. Go back to your old school roots and have fun this summer taking some cool snaphots. We have them in Black, White, Red and Orange. $130.


1 Response to “Blackbird, Fly Twin- Lens Reflex Camera”

  1. 1 S November 9, 2009 at 1:16 am

    Are you selling this? Or do you know where to get this? I’ve been trying to search it but many online shops have sold out of this. Do you have the one in white? Regardless, contact me @! Thanks!

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