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Dark & Stormy’s- and Kikkerland’s Aluminum Jigger Cube


I am in one of my most favorite places in the world- Bermuda. I am sooo lucky to have a dear friend with a wonderful home down here and she is gracious enough to invite me down atleast once a year. July is actually a heavenly time here because the water is warm, there is a nice Southwestern breeze, and its just so beautiful here.  Because I live in Brooklyn I must mention that there are NO MOSQUITOS here either! It is heaven on earth and truly a magical spot. 99.9% of the time I have been down here the weather has been absolutely beautiful, although last year I got stuck in Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Bertha and panicked about making it back to the Shop! In honor of that meltdown and weather mess I started to drink Bermuda’s signature drink- a Dark and Stormy (see recipe below). Although you might not need it for this particular drink concoction, I feel beholden to share one of my favorite items from the shop with you for mixing drinks- Kikkerland’s Aluminum Jigger Cube, $25. It is such a beautiful piece for your bar (it is very heavy and substantial), and FUNCTIONAL as well. Rob gave one to my brother for his birthday and it was the hit of the night!

Dark and Stormy– serves 1 (um, I can’t have just one!)

2 oz Gosling’s® Black Seal rum
8 oz ginger beer

 Pour rum over ice, add ginger ale, and stir.

I also have been enjoying my other favorite Rum here, Mt. Gay— with some Pineapple Mango Juice. YUMMMM! I must get some of this when I get back home tomorrow!

Here’s a little taste of Bermuda–



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