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Dearest Holly & Hollycake Press

hollycake pressI can remember exactly when and how my love affair with Hollycake press started. It was February, right after Valentine’s Day and I got a pretty little package in the mail with a lovely note and treat inside. It actually was a thank you note and present from a customer- yes, a customer! I had rushed out some of the Valentine Sweetheart Spanish Candies for her and she was writing to tell me what a hit they were and much she appreciated me expediting them to get to her Boys on time for 2/14. Holly, the customer, also included a box of her clever stationery and I immediately fell in love with her high quality product and attention to detail. In the box of stationery was a clever little booklet entitled “write more” with  ideas on why, when and how to WRITE MORE. So, we couldn’t resist the “Notes from Camp” boxed set when we checked out her line sheet- complete with 10 note cards with envelopes, a little pen all in a little box with room to add stamps & labels (and a glassine envelope to put them in) and a “write more” booklet too! Send these to your favorite camper (pre-address them to Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Mona & Uncle Dan, etc.)- $25. Check out the rest of Holly’s wonderful offerings here- (and as Holly says– we all do need to write more, and I don’t mean emails!)

3426note from camp-2note from camp-3

p.s. Holly lives in Arizona but came to visit us (with two of her boys) when she was out East last month and she is even more lovely in person than her website and products can convey. Holly- we are big fans!


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