Lots of new items on the site & my beloved new dustpan

3705We just put up a bunch of new items on the website- check it all out under “What’s New.” One of my favs is this gorgeous Dustpan and Broom set. That is what I love about having a General Store; I can get all excited for things like dustpans, plungers and tool boxes as well as crazy things like Gnome Candles. This beautiful new addition to the store is just effortless cool and useful all on its own. Here is the story about the Designer and product straight from the people over at Normann- Copenhagen:

Functional aesthetic – Normann Copenhagen presents dustpan and broom designed by Ole Jensen

In his workshop, Ole Jensen became irritated at all the dust and clay that constantly lay
around the place. He swept the floor holding a folded newspaper in one hand and sweeping the
dust into the newspaper with the other one. A simple and straightforward movement which
created the basic idea for a new kind of dustpan that is both functional and aesthetic.
Ole Jensen explains: Ideas often appear from a problem and it is often a simple solution that is
the answer to the problem. I see my self as a fertile minimalist – everything counts – Neither
more nor less”.
The dustpan is in all its simplicity constructed from a piece of flat plastic. Created with a keen
twist, the Dustpan and Broom allows you to clean with precision and style, complete with a
small resting hole to perfectly set the brush in the pan or hang it on the wall. Perfect for those
who like everything nice and neat.

Dustpan: Polypropylene
Brush: Beech with natural bristles

Ah yes, we all like things nice and neat! That is why we also picked up a few more Normann- Copenhagen must haves for the General Store-

Wash up bowl- greenWash up bowl- pinkwash up bowl- blueAren’t these Wash Up Bowls (with brush) awesome? Makes me want to go clean the bathroom! Well, kind of… I love them all but THAT GREEN is my beloved bright kelly so that is my favorite. And don’t we all need one of these COOL Collapsible funnels. Could have used one of these this morning when I spilled some cleaning supplies all over the sink as I tried to whip up a batch of concentrated surface cleaner-

Funnel-redDon’t you love their little logo too? funny little barking dog.

Here are details on all items:  Dustpan and Broom– $30. Wash up bowls & brushes- $87.50, Funnel $27.50.  And an extra little shout out to Normann- Copenhagen’s rep, Charlotte for all her help and sweetness. Thanks Charlotte! You Rock!


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