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A Store Grows in Brooklyn: Our 2 Year Anniversary- Atlantic Antic this weekend!

REVISED ANNIE'S MAIN EXTERIOR SHOT- DUSK low reThis Sunday will be the shop’s 2 year anniversary- very exciting!! Turns out the whole neighborhood is throwing us a party since it’s the Atlantic Antic on Sunday (10/4) as well. The Antic is the biggest streetfair in Brooklyn and runs the length of Atlantic Avenue from Hicks Street to 4th Avenue, 10-6pm, Rain or Shine.  It is a fun way to spend the day for the whole family. Even though we are not right on the Avenue please come join us for some special surprises (more of these later in the week) and to celebrate a wonderful two years. Thank you for all your support!

Just when you thought you’d “seen” it all-

invisible dogphoto from Katie Sokoler via Flickr

Just when I  thought I’d “seen” everything,  I saw a bunch of people with Invisible Dogs walking down the street in Brooklyn on Sunday. Remember those crazy leashes that where really popular in the 80’s? Right around the time of Pet Rocks… Anyway, the first time I saw one I was on the phone and had to do a serious double take, but then when I saw several more I realized something was up. Turns out it was part of a “Improv Everywhere” event with over 2,000 participants.  People met at the Invisible Dog Art Space at 51 Bergen St., Brooklyn- which used to be the factory where the Invisible Dog leashes were produced.  Everyone involved stuck to their stories about “adopting the dogs,” good cover people! You can read more about the event here, maybe you will be part of the next one! (I know some people that were part of the No Pants! Subway ride-crazy fun!)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

cloudy with a chance of meatballsAnother movie from a book  that is actually out NOW is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – the classic children’s book. This book is very fun & clever and a great addition to everyone’s library (and we just got more back in stock!). $16.95.

Tintin Posters- I am obsessed!

3848More art for your walls:  Some of my favorites at the shop basically fell into my lap and then there are others that I had to HUNT DOWN because I became obsessed over them and HAD TO HAVE THEM FOR THE SHOP PRONTO. These wonderful Tintin posters are an example of my hardwork – and they look even better than I could have hoped for! We are re-doing some of the artwork around the shop (since the bookcovers basically all sold out and are no longer available- see my note below for exceptions) and these Tintin posters gave the shop some real flavor-flav.

38493779385238513850All posters are 27.5″ x 19.6″ and are $34 unframed ($125 framed, available framed in shop only) on high quality paper. All are available online.

Don’t know much about Tintin? You can learn more about him and his adventures here. And stay tuned for the movie coming in 2011 (directed by Steven Spielberg).

p.s. Book cover update- we have a few more left and they are all 50%. Here’s what we have- A Streetcar Named Desire & Mrs. Dollaway (both available unframed and framed), A Hundred Years of Solitude (unframed only). FRAMED- now $50, UNFRAMED- now $15. email me at if you want one!

Keep Calm and Rock On

3814We had to get this one- Keep Calm and Rock On, our latest & greatest incarnation of the ever popular Keep Calm and Carry On poster- but this one rocks the british beat with electric guitars instead of a staid crown.  12″ x 18″- $15.

Feeling crabby?

makebigWe just got in the cutest hooded towels for kids- love the crab (above) plus we have a Dog, Pink poodle, Horse, Frog, Alligator, Pink Poodle and a Duck.  Soo cute and very soft. What a wonderful gift. Wish they were in my size! $42.50 each.

“AWESOME!” our minimergency kit

minimergency kitGotta love when a customer sends you an email with the subject “AWESOME!” – which is exactly what I got the other day from our customer/friend Lolly after she bought the Minimergency kit. She took a picture (above) of all the stuff that fit in the little silver container and said that the “Minimergancy kit helps a girl stay a lady-like in the big city! It saved my dignity on many occasions!” We have been selling a ton of them and just got more in stock- here is a full picture and list of everything in the little (3.5″ x 1.75″ x 2.5″) kit:

3700secondContents: Hairspray, Clear Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Emery Board, Lip Balm, Earring Backs, Clear Elastics, Sewing Kit, Double-Sided Tape, Stain Remover, Deodorant Towelette, Pain Reliever, Tampon, Breath Freshener, Dental Floss, and Adhesive Bandages. All that is swanky silver case for  $10.

Light up the Night

glow banglesLight up the night with this set of 15 glow bangle bracelets.

Keep the night rockin’ with some flourescent love circles. $5.95 for set of 15.

Babies R Us

sophie_the_giraffe_teetherWith all the babies sprouting up in the ‘hood we have STOCKED up on great baby gifts and toys! We just got in Sophie the Giraffe, above, the wonderful teether that is a made of 100% natural rubber and non-toxic food paint (No chemicals softener; parabens, PVC, phtalates, BPA (bisphenol-A in cute Sophie). Her squeaker and flexible body have been keeping babies amused since 1961!

Ha Ha SpringoHaHa SpringoHa Ha MirrorWe also got a bunch of fun baby toys from Kushies. These award winning toys are fun for babies to play with while their “progressive design stimulates the recruitment of a greater variety of brain cells than traditional baby products, which helps to create a more open-minded, flexible thinker.”

Fuzzi LovebuglinkiPlus we have the ENTIRE LINE of  Wee Gallery cards in stock- including new ones:  PETS and WOODLAND ANIMALS.  And as usual we also have a large assortment of Rock-a-Bye Baby Cd’s in stock (including a new one from Aerosmith with liner notes from Steven Tyler- he is psyched to play this one for his grandson!).  Sophie the Giraffe- $24, Rattles- $9.95, Fuzzi Lovebug- $23.95, Linko Iota- $17.95, Wee Gallery Cards-$14, Rock-a-Bye Baby cd’s- $18.

Anyone for PIE??

6thAnnualPIe copyI am super excited for this weekend’s 6th Annual Pie Social at Bubby’s in Dumbo. Have you been? I am collecting recipes for an award winning pie (?!) but I love that EVERYONE gets a BLUE RIBBON when they enter the Pie Social! Yeah! Blue Ribbons! Pie! What a great way to spend a Fall afternoon (I mean, besides shopping at our wonderful store of course).  You too can enter and attend- download application here and learn more about it on Bubby’s website. Kids welcome too, and encouraged to bake! Sunday September 27, 12-3pm at Bubby’s, 1 Main Street, Dumbo.

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