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New York Magazine’s Shop-A-Matic Holiday Gift Guide

We are soo psyched to be part of this years awesome Shop- A- Matic Holiday Gift Guide from New York Magazine! We have a ton of great items in there- including:

Bubble Wrap Calendar, $19.95

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit, $34.95

Fling-amastring Cat Toy, $34

And a bunch of other cool and clever gifts that have already SOLD OUT including the Matryshka Measuring Cups (available in January), Apronwith Oven Mitts, Triceratops Pencil Sharpener and Marfa Ceramic Humidifier. Thank you New York Magazine for making Holiday Shopping so wonderful!!

Thanksgiving FUN with Rachel and Paul Reinhart

Rachel and Paul Reinhart, above in full costume at the Macy’s Day Parade, are dear friends.  I worked with Rachel at a previous job and she totally embraced my store concept right from the beginning.  Before I even opened, she volunteered to help in any way she could and I gladly took her up on her offer. Both Rachel and her husband Paul literally helped me build the shelves for the shop several weekends in September ’07 (much harder than you’d think- Paul was the only one who mastered it) and stock them by unpacking countless boxes. They have also bought almost every present for every occasion from us ever since. I am soo appreciative of their loyalness and kindness and treasure their friendship and support. So, when they came to our shopping party last week and told me that they were participating in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade again this year, I knew I had to share their story. Rachel works at Macy’s now as an Associate Designer for the Sweater Department and apparently all Macy’s employees are given the opportunity to participate in the parade. This year they got some family involved too and were part of the Malt Shop. Maybe you saw them on TV?? It looks like a TON of fun, maybe one year I will get to do it too! Thanks to Rachel and Paul for the inspiration!

20 Drinking Games on Coasters on’s Winter 2009 Gift Guide

Check out how great our 20 Drinking Games on Coasters look in’s Winter 2009 Gift Guide, in their section on gifts under $15. These are $8.95 for the set and make great presents and stocking stuffers. People have been buying them online with our XL Beer Glasses and Barguments, the Book. In Store they go well with our Ring thing Bottle Openers too, for your favorite Frat Boy (or girl!) or boozer who never grew up.  If you’ve never been to you are in for a MAJOR treat- it is jam packed with recipes, restaurant reviews, hosting tips and ideas and soo much more. I love this site, and loved the print version of the magazine too (saved all my copies!).

Happy Thanksgiving! Time Out New York Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! As you feast yourself on turkey, stuffing and green bean casserole- I am catching up on my magazine reading and enjoying my last day off till Christmas. I am loving the A-to-Z Gift Guide in Time Out New York- with “presents for everyone on your list- and organized” into “26 New Yorky Categories.” Psyched that we made the C is for coffee, and COASTERS- with our lovely Brooklyn Marble Coasters ($42) and the F is for Foodie category with our Matroshkya Measuring cups (sadly they sold out being featured there and in New York Magazine’s Shop-a-Matic Gift guide, no more until January!). Thanks Time Out!

Food Network Magazine- Eiffel Tower Cheese graters

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I am thankful for all the great Holiday press we have gotten so far this year! Yeah! First up, in honor of everyone cooking today is the wonderful Food Network Magazine– which featured our Eiffel Tower Cheese Graters. It looks very good in the Gift Guide, if I do say so myself and I am just loving this magazine! I love to cook and am totally inspired to try the CREPE BUFFET (pg. 142) or the (“Try this at home”)  Creme Brulee- which I made once in cooking class but have been scared to try  on my own- until now that is (pg. 148) Anyway, the Eiffel Tower Cheese Grater looks GREAT on pg. 79- so check it out! And thank you to Food Network Magazine for including us in their gift guide and exposing the shop to a whole new slew of people.

Eiffel Tower Cheese Grater- Large, $25.95, Small $15.95.

Food erasers- we’ve succummed to the trend… ALSO- STARTING NEXT MONDAY, OPEN 7 Days a week until Christmas

We like to think that we are timeless here at Annie’s- yet somehow always a little on-trend. So, when my little friend Annabel (neighbor/customer and consummate 10 year old life connoisseur) told me that Food Erasers were HOT, I knew I had to do SOMETHING about it. Sure, we have LOTS of erasers in stock- including the famous Peanut erasers which are always popular, but when I saw these little sushi and cake erasers I just had to indulge and get some. Do you know there is a serious craze out there for these things? Kids trade them and go crazy (probably much like my sticker collection days back there in like 1981, when I was Annabel’s age) so we just got some in the shop. Its been  a busy week as people start their holiday shopping so I am at the shop today unpacking/ packing boxes even though we are officially closed on Mondays, and these gems just arrived so I wanted to write about them straight away (had some nice customers come to the door though- even though our gates are shuttered, including one sweet couple from Barcelona, glad I was here to let them in!).  Speaking of MONDAYS though, starting next Monday November 30th, we will be open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK until Christmas– to help you get ALL your Holiday shopping done.  Food erasers- sushi and desserts- $1 each.

VERY AMUSING Sound Machine

We just got this VERY AMUSING Sound Machine in the shop and they are literally flying off the shelves. Be forewarned- you may feel the need for a major explosion, or the load-and-fire of a pump action shotgun. You will soon wonder how you ever managed without a perfect push-button wolf-whistle, a raspberry, or a fanfare and drum-roll on demand. Quality sound-bites in a sleek, pocket-able machine- all for a pocket size $14.

Winter Necessecity

With the cold weather upon us I have been wearing all my favorite sweaters and so am breaking out another bottle of The Laundress’ Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. No more dry cleaning bills. Save your sweaters and your wallet. The Laundress is fanatical about the proper care of beloved woolens & cashmere so they developed the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo by combining cedar extracts and sulfate-free shampoo to clean and preserve the natural components of the yarns. This product can be used for both hand and machine washing. The Cedar scent is perfect for both everyday washing and added care for seasonal storage. Tested and recommended by Cashmere designers. 16 fl oz. Highly concentrated- you will get up to 32 washes per bttle. $18.

Parking Meter Alarm- GENUIS

No More parking tickets! This genuis Parking Meter alarm (also a key ring and coin holder) has an easy to use loud alarm that has a 24 hour count down that beeps when your meter time is up. It also holds 10 quarters (or Euros) so you will be all set for your next driving adventure. Great Stocking Stuffer! $9.95.

Party Tonight at the Shop! 6:30-8:30pm- 20% off all day on the site

Come by the shop tonight from 6:30- 8:30pm for our 2nd Annual Holiday Shopping Party. Start (& finish?!) your shopping off at our one stop shop with some vino, holiday treats/sweets and 20% OFF ENTIRE SHOP! Or, if you can’t make the soiree in Brooklyn- use code THANKFUL at checkout on our website for the same discount all day online (cuz we are THANKFUL for you all, our great customers!).  Load up on some of these funny (and delicious!) Chocolate bars too while you are at it, they make fun stocking stuffers/ Hanukkah gifts too. $4.50 each.

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