Food erasers- we’ve succummed to the trend… ALSO- STARTING NEXT MONDAY, OPEN 7 Days a week until Christmas

We like to think that we are timeless here at Annie’s- yet somehow always a little on-trend. So, when my little friend Annabel (neighbor/customer and consummate 10 year old life connoisseur) told me that Food Erasers were HOT, I knew I had to do SOMETHING about it. Sure, we have LOTS of erasers in stock- including the famous Peanut erasers which are always popular, but when I saw these little sushi and cake erasers I just had to indulge and get some. Do you know there is a serious craze out there for these things? Kids trade them and go crazy (probably much like my sticker collection days back there in like 1981, when I was Annabel’s age) so we just got some in the shop. Its been  a busy week as people start their holiday shopping so I am at the shop today unpacking/ packing boxes even though we are officially closed on Mondays, and these gems just arrived so I wanted to write about them straight away (had some nice customers come to the door though- even though our gates are shuttered, including one sweet couple from Barcelona, glad I was here to let them in!).  Speaking of MONDAYS though, starting next Monday November 30th, we will be open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK until Christmas– to help you get ALL your Holiday shopping done.  Food erasers- sushi and desserts- $1 each.


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