Me & My Man- Rapper and Wrapper: Together Forever (Tougher than Leather)

Tis the season to WRAP PRESENTS!! And I have been a wrapping machine at the shop (and for online orders too, free wrapping all around!!). It made me think back to when I watched a Laverne & Shirley episode back in the day and the girls needed some extra money for the Holidays, so they moonlit from the Brewery at the local Milwaukee Department store wrapping presents. I told me mom then and there that I wanted to be a professional wrapper when I grew up, and low and behold- it happened! Be careful with your dreams folks, they might just come true! Anyway so then it hit me- so I am a WRAPPER and my man, is a RAPPER. Yes, my man Rob is a Stand- up comic by trade, but he rocks his beat machine out at shows and his latest CD has 4 original rap songs. In fact, the title above “Together Forever, Tougher than Leather” is a Run DMC song my big Gorilla told me about, and so are the “Spread Love it’s the Brooklyn Way” T-shirts we had printed up (Notorious BIG lyric). He inspires me every day.  Okay, back to wrapping…


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