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Our Valentine’s are hand picked with LOVE…. and info on our 2nd Annual Make Your Own Valentine’s Party – Saturday February 6th 10-11am

It’s official, our Valentine’s ROCK!! I am so excited for all our cute & clever Valentine’s which we are putting out at the shop. I showed you a few treats yesterday, here are some highlights of our CARDS. All are printe on recycled paper by small presses and start at $3.75. Online and out-of -towners, if you see something you NEED please email me at the shop at and we can send it out for you!

These Typewriter cards are a set of 6 f0r $11.50 (all different quotes, a few typeovers/o’s– all wonderful).

GET THEM QUICK!! Every year it’s the same old thing- people looking for cute and clever Valentine’s at the last minute, stock up early for the best selection and let your sweetheart (or BFF or child) let them know you love them! xoxoxoxo

ALSO- PLEASE SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR SECOND ANNUAL MAKE YOUR OWN VALENTINE’S PARTY. If you’re in the ‘hood please come by Saturday  February 6th from 10-11am for lots of fun treasures to MAKE YOUR OWN VALENTINE’S with– you know what I’m talking about- pom poms, GLITTER, doily’s, all that good stuff! Hot chocolate and home made treats too. Lots of fun for ALL ages! (like I wrote last year- why should the kids have all the fun!?!). See you there. B.Y.O.S. (Bring your own Scissors please).

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