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MORE Amazing new goodies…

These are one of the coolest things I have seen EVER– Totem Stacking Cups. Perfect for small apartments that are short of space (or anyone in need of something fun & functional), these porcelain mugs stack one on top of each other in the Totem tradition. Set of 4 for $59.95. Or maybe you need these melamine plates Hot Plates– set of 4 for $30, 2 of each size- two 7.8″ plates and two 10″ plates-

Or how about this Hold Me Tight Pretty Bowl– $15.95-

Besides being lovely to look at- this bowl also has some more meaning: Good table manners are encouraged in Japanese dining rituals. When eating rice, take the bowl in one hand and chopsticks in another and lift it to your mouth, while taking your chopsticks to “scoop” the rice into your mouth. This prevents you from dropping food. When you do not get a soupspoon, it is proper to drink the soup out of the bowl and eat the solid food with chopsticks. The drawing of a hand on the outer surface of the bowl enlightens and reminds the guest to lift the bowl when eating.

And then there’s the Composition Book, which got a make-over and looks cooler than ever. $8.95.

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