Staying in… ideas for KIDS & the OLDER SET…

Despite the cold and snow (or lack thereof in NYC’s case) we had a fun morning at the shop for our 2nd Annual Make Your Own Valentine’s Party! Lots of fun designs from kids and adults! I even made a few cute ones myself, thank you very much. Now on to the night time activities!  I wouldn’t blame you all if you just stayed put at home its soo frigid outside. But first come in and stock up on some fun activities to help keep you entertained while you stay warm: above, is one of the newest editions from the Table Topics team– Table Topics Dinner Party Edition, with lots of thought-provoking questions to get you thinking… $25. We got these in right before Christmas and they FLEW out the door- and make a nice hostess present too.

Or maybe you have Kids running around restless and in need of a new & exciting project– try our new science kits, all $22.50. Mind Blowing Science, above, includes “mind blowing experiments to delight and educate young scientists! Erupt a color changing volcano.  Mix up magic ooze with a mind of its own.  Play with sand that never gets wet.  Mix safe chemicals and watch colors change before your eyes. You’ll amaze yourself and your friends as you explore the science behind these truly remarkable reactions.” Or got a few girls over for a slumber party? try these spa kits or perfumery–


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