too many balls in the air? learn to JUGGLE!

It’s stories like this one that make me so happy to have a General Store. For Skyler’s (above) 6th grade class at  MS 51 (William Alexander) in Park Slope, Brooklyn she needed to learn to JUGGLE for a graded school assignment.  So, she got her first set of Juggling Balls from our shop– and practiced, practiced, practiced– DAY AND NIGHT.  Of course she passed the class and then this year- in the 7th grade, she auditioned for the MS 51 Juggling Team, got accepted and now performs at juggling  festivals! Inspired? You can get some JUGGLING BALLS from us too! We are sooo happy to be a part of this wonderful story and as her mom, Andrea, wrote–

Thanks Annie for giving Skyler her start……

“I am a juggler, I must catch whatever life throws at me”

– Skyler

Please note that Andrea and Skyler are not just wonderful customers, they also are part of the PAWZ family of Dog Booties I wrote about earlier this week so I am their customer too! Gary and Michael Friedland came up with the concept for the PAWZ, Andrea and Michael are married and Skyler is their lovely daughter. Andrea told me today that not only were the PAWZ in New York Times Style Section on Thursday, but they are going to be on the Martha Stewart Show on Tuesday. GO PAWZ!


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