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Like No Other Place In The World! The Brooklyn debate…

It is interesting timing to unveil our latest series of photos at the shop (in addition to Gregoire’s I spoke about yesterday)- because they are a series of photos of the famous Brooklyn Signs that you see coming into the borough (and one funny one below when you leave!) that I commissioned Jill and Sems to take (2 great photographer friends I have spoken about several times on this blog). The part that makes it interesting, however, is that I just read this weeks cover story from Time Out New York, which is BROOKLYN VS. MANHATTAN (you can read it here, but the whole magazine is worth picking up). Of course no surprise what my vote is– Brooklyn, baby… We have so much to offer, and are not embarrassed to admit it, these signs are evidence of that. Of course I have spent plenty of time in good ole Manhattan (Manhasbeen as its been called?!) and love it ALL– but the differences are huge. Anyway– sign photography is hanging up at the shop, all available framed and unframed. $25 and up.

all photos by Jill Valle and Sems Kayisiz

p.s. I am not sure how I even got enrolled in this daily email from TONY  but I LOVE it-in my inbox email it’s called NOW DO THIS TODAY– and has cool things to do around the city. I highly recommend it!

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