Snowing again… more importantly-Lani Dig Your Dog Petcare products are here!

So we got quite a bit of snow here in NYC last night/today– you can kind of see from the picture above that we got about 8″ (my non-technical guess). Didn’t we do a good job shoveling though? I was quite impressed with our snow removing skills (thanks Rob!), but it was really the Ice- Melting salt that did the trick. That and the sun. Anyway– its been quite a busy day at the shop despite the snow. Some fun customers made the trip out in the snow, my book- keeper was here and there was a tow truck rescuing a tow truck that was rescuing an SUV out on Bond Street. Exciting stuff! More exciting news was that we put out our new line of Pet Shampoos, Conditioners and Pet Strays from a great company, Lani Dig Your Dog- check them out–

Lani bath products are 100% natural, mostly organic, pH balanced for dogs, dye and sulfate free, people-tested and made in the US. They’re good for dogs, people and the environment. The Shampoo, Conditioner and Pet Spray are available in 3 yummy scents- Beach, Woods and Park.

According to the cool dudes at Lani’s- “BEACH reminds us of romping in the sand, chasing sticks into the surf and snoozing under an umbrella with a happy pup at our side.  Perfect for pooches with sensitive skin. PARK reminds us of chasing squirrels, playing fetch and picnicking under the trees with a a tired pooch napping by our side.  Great for frequent use. WOODS reminds us of hunting sticks and crunching through leaves, with the sun on our shoulders and a great dog at our side.  A natural for dogs who love to get real dirty.”

Pet Shampoo & Conditioners $16.95, Pet Spray $13.95.

1 Response to “Snowing again… more importantly-Lani Dig Your Dog Petcare products are here!”

  1. 1 Janet March 15, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    just used Lani Beach Shampoo/ conditioner on BUCK, our golden retriever, yesterday (warm day in Florida sunshine to bathe a dog) and WE love it! I say WE because Buck acts like he actually KNOWS how fluffy, soft and nice smelling he is! Seriously, these products are AMAZING! you can’t find these at your average pet store! At first I thought the conditioner step was silly, but it made such a difference! Buck has an extra spring in his step, and we don’t mind having him lounging on our couch (and leaving a sweet scent behind).

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