Lots of help for the EASTER BUNNY at Annie’s!

As usual, I went a little overboard on cute Easter Baskets and items to stuff inside! I just can’t help it, I love Easter Baskets (as  I mentioned last year my friend and I still make them for each other every year, a tradition that we started in college and never grew out of!). Here are some highlights of some fun treats for inside, plus the baskets themselves (we also have brightly colored cute real baskets).  Bunny felt basket above is $14.50)-

These Lubies are quite compelling as far as stuffed animals go! they are sooo soft and cute- we have Chicks, Pigs and Bunnies– $9.95 each.

We also have some classic (old and new!) books, including The Country Bunny from 1939.  $6.95.

Carrot Jelly Beans— cute and YUM! $2.95.

And because we LOVE these for every occasion– Easter Surprise Cornucopia’s– $18.

We also got some fun chocolates this year– Solid Chocolate Bunny’s, above and funny bars below- ($6, $4.50).

Need your Chick- fix? These cute things are $1 each, and this fun basket is $14.50-

Since we are trying to be your FULL-Service Easter Basket headquarters (!!) we even have green grass for $1 a bag. The nice kind (paper, not plastic!). We can also make you Easter baskets to pick up or to send– just email or call us and we can add lots of fun touches like Kaleidoscopes, Bubbles, Silly Putty, etc. Remember Easter is April 4th. Hope to see you soon!


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