Trend Alert: Modern General Stores?!?!

I have a love/hate relationship with trends. On one hand I despise anything trendy, yet on the other hand I am always fascinated by them. Back in my Fashion days we would attend Trend Meetings where different services would present what the new colors and messages would be for the up-coming seasons (always thought these people had the best jobs, traveling around the world pulling together themes and presentations). They were fascinating to see- both the predictions and in many cases the self-fulfilling prophecy when many would come true (hey, if you tell enough people “fill in the color here” is going to be big next year, it probably will). Of course there are many more interesting trends out there than who wears what, so I was not terribly surprised to see the article “FOR THE GENERAL GOOD  Modern takes on old school general stores are dotting the retail landscape” in Trend Central. What is Trend Central you ask? I was not familiar with it myself until I saw our shop was mentioned in the article, but knew from the name it was worth a read. Here is a little bit about them, courtesy of their website, “Launched in 2002, trendcentral® is a free daily email newsletter and web site featuring relevant trends and cool social happenings of the day. Powered by the research, insights and global trendsetter network of The Intelligence Group, trendcentral® focuses on what’s new and what’s next in the realms of lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and technology. Over the years, trendcentral has forecast the arrival of cultural phenomena well before they entered the mainstream, ranging from branded designer jeans and vampire films to videoblogging and Twitter.”

The article about Modern General Stores is interesting if you’re into that kind of thing, which of course I am. We got a nod in reference to Brooklyn being a “hotbed of modern general store activity” saying “Annie’s Blue Ribbon has garnered attention for its “fun and functional” supplies.”  They talk about a few other shops, some I have heard of, some are new on my radar. Iit looks like we are all united (more of less) in the same idea: providing customers with an edited assortment of cool wares, with an urban twist while also harkening back to the time when life was a little easier and simpler. In my opinion, as a retailer the Modern/ Urban General Store is also a much needed alternative to the “Big Box” store- with it’s overwhelming supply of “everything-you-never-you-needed.” They are also pretty much all Independent retailers whose Brick and Mortar’s are helping to rebuild this nation’s tattered economy (Per The 3-50 Project for every $100 spent in an Independent shop, $68 stays in the community, vs. $43). Like us, all of them put a lot thought into each purchase instead of buying into formulas for store shelving specs.  At Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store we try to do our part by pulling together the Best that Life has to offer all under one roof while at the same time also trying to be fun & thoughtful and reasonably priced. Usually I run away from trends, but this one I embrace!


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