My Lego Obsession continues- Lego Sets done right

We visited Rob’s nephews recently and I was so intrigued by their Lego sets (mostly from the Star Wars collection) – they were so much more elaborate and complex than I remember. Soon after I discovered these cool Lego sets of the Guggenheim (this was a major item on my Christmas list I tracked down & had to get for the shop!) and the Empire State Building– very cool, right?

You might recall the recent release of the I Lego NY book we got in the week before last- LOVE that too-

Next up on my Lego Obsession though, is to go to Lego Land. I have always wanted to go- and can’t wait to hear how it was from some neighbors/friends/customers who went this week as one part of their Spring Break in Cali. Looks like they even have a Water Park- crazy.

photo from

What makes these so fascinating? All the little pieces? Building them yourself? The complexity juxtaposed with the simplicity? Maybe its time to just enjoy them, feel like a kid again (maybe that’s it!) and stop thinking about it so much. ENJOY! Guggenheim set- $40, Empire State Building– $22, I Lego New York book- $15.95.  Trip to Lego Land- priceless.


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