Teux Deux, Ta Da!

Tina, the fabulous Swiss Miss came by yesterday with her new baby boy Tilo (soo cute!). We chatted for a minute about life and cool products and then she told me about her new To Do app that she created in collaboration with her Studio- mate called Teux Deux.  I checked out the video and gave it a whirl- very simple and easy to use. My favorite part is that you can cross out what you have done for the day. I hate just deleting things, I like to see everything I accomplished! You can move items forward to a different day with ease, and without feeling guilty that you couldn’t get it all done. And then there’s the Someday section on the bottom. Oh Someday I would like to “Build a Robot,” “Challenge Nelson Mandella to Ping Pong,” and “Properly thank the Swiss Miss for all her inspiration”… that type of thing. So, if you are like me and always trying to make the most of every minute while also trying to enjoy your downtime- then give this new App a roll. Make it your homepage so everytime you open a new browser you are reminded what needs to be done. IPhone App coming soon, but for now this is free & fabulous. Happy Organizing everyone!


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