post # 401 on 4-01: Christopher & new SUBWAY PINS!

I noticed today when I was signing in to write on the blog that it is our 401st posting and today is 4-01. How about that? More importantly, it’s also APRIL FOOLS DAY. I was going to write something clever about the history of April Fools Day– which is actually very interesting (check it out here)– but then these FUN SUBWAY BUTTONS arrived and I  changed my mind. Check out Christopher donning the C & L pins (his initials) – or buy your favorite subway line (um, mine is also my initial- the A train! I am also fond of the 2,3 since its right on my block at home). If you have been at the shop during the weekday afternoons, or gotten a package sent from the store then Christopher is your Man- as he is a huge help during the week.  In the rest of the world, Christopher is in a cool band with his girl Becca, Lord and Lady Destroyer. Check them out! Pins $1 each.


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