For the Birds…

Sorry to not check in yesterday, we were super busy preparing for and working The New York Magazine Weddings Event yesterday. It was super fun and we will write more about it tomorrow. For now I am VERY excited for these cool new Bird Houses that we just got in (I love when I order stuff months beforehand, it’s like Christmas when we open the boxes!). Box for the Birds is all wood, and assembles in a SNAP! No glue, no nails, no nothing. Christopher put ours together, above, in under 5 minutes but it would also be a fun project to do with kids (which is how the company was founded, the Designer was trying to come up with a project he could do with his daughter, voila- Box for Birds was born!). My mom was always really into Bird Houses & Bird Feeders and I remember helping her hang them all and fill the feeders. $35.

We also got in this lovely Bird Seed Bucket– complete with a lid and scooper. I am a little obsessed with this cute bucket- LOVE IT! $32.95.

We also have these Paint your Own Bird Feeders, for $11.95– watch out though we just got these in and only have a few left. Get one before they FLY out of the shop! Happy Springtime everyone!!


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