Becca and Her Birthday Surprise Ball!

Becca and Aaron are great customers that have also become good friends of mine at the shop. They lived just down the block (although sadly they just moved, but just a few blocks away!) and always come in to shop for special occasions. Aaron’s birthday is February 29th, so although he’s in his 30’s his real age is 8 1/2! I learned his birthday a few years ago on Leap Year when Becca made sure Aaron went a little crazy for his Birthday Shopping (it only happens once every 4 years!). She comes in for her Birthday each year too (in April) and they always make sure the other buys atleast one thing SILLY, so they feel like a kid again. Our famous Birthday Surprise Balls certainly fills the bill- as they come with 10 different treats inside each one, with layers and layers of streamers in between, they are fun to open, as well as play with the treasures inside (each one is different, they are all hand made)! Here are some pics she sent me from her birthday last year when Aaron treated her to one of the Birthday Surprise Balls–check it out..

Becca and Aaron have even more reason to celebrate- they are getting married this October. Cheers!!

Surprise Balls- $14 each.


1 Response to “Becca and Her Birthday Surprise Ball!”

  1. 1 limewire April 30, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    shoot fun stuff dude.

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