Feeding the Whole Family:Cooking with Whole Foods

What a GORGEOUS day! Yeahhhh! Yay! Yea!! I am excited because it’s my day off, and with all the craziness at the shop lately, I am looking forward to some downtime (as I write this from the shop though, had to come in to do some more work- ahh, the life of the entrepreneur, it never ends). I am excited to go exploring in Brooklyn Bridge Park today, and check out the newly opened Pier 6 too. Brooklyn’s were it’s at!! This morning I was watching Anthony Bourdain on the Today Show talking about a new book he has out and when my favorite Matt Lauer asked him if European Chef’s were getting any inspiration from American Chefs and cooking he said he was in Paris recently and chef’s said Brooklyn was a big influence. Wow, thought that was interesting. Which brings me back to the shop– we just got in this great book,  Feeding the Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods. I am so inspired by my customers and all that the parents of some of my favorite little kids do to provide their kids with the best life. Feeding your kids is a big part of that, obviously and this wonderful updated books helps parents learn to feed kids and babies six months and up nutritious foods. It’s also got recipes for dishes that grownups can and should eat, so they can help a new generation of kids grow up to be healthy adults. It inspires me to make something yummy for my wonderful husband who has been out on the road doing shows and needs a home cooked meal, I will got to the local market after the Park and make something healthy and delicious! Feeding the Whole Family, $21.95.


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