Pinwheels and…well, EVERYTHING!

We just got these Pinwheel Party Straws in today! Yay! And, they are only $3.50! Perfect timing, because not only were we in Daily Candy New York’s Shoptalk for Summer Essentials, today for them, but they just came back in stock (the manufacturer was out of them for months)! They are shiny and and perfect to add a little extra shine to your next party. 

My name is Annie and I am filling in for Annie on her blog while she is putting all your orders together and making the store look as good as ever. But, let me back up. I know what you are thinking; “Another Annie, this can’t be!” But, it is…I am both interning for Annie at the store and I am also Annie’s cousin. I am going to be a junior at Purdue University in Indiana this fall. I am a Management major with a minor in Marketing. I am here in New York for the summer both interning and exploring the city. Doesn’t that sound like a great set up? Yeah, I thought so too!

So far, my adventures in New York have been pretty exciting and have included a trip to see Mary Poppins on Broadway with Annie and Merica. It was my first Broadway show! My verdict thus far is that I like New York although I am still adjusting. But enough about me…for now. I want to tell you about some of my favorite things in the store!

I really like Mini-mergency kits! They are too cute! I love these types of kits with all the necessities stashed away in a cute miniature case. On of these mini kits is only $12.00! I think I may be getting one of these for myself!

Now, these mustaches bring back memories. I remember getting these when I was younger with some friends and going to both, class with them and to Limited Too (back when it was the “only” place to go for girls at that age) in Middle School and not being able to keep straight faces. The mustaches definitely made for some great stories that I will never forget. These stylish ‘staches ring in at $6.75.

As it is becoming clear that summer will be with us for some time longer, I have started to embrace it by planning trips to the beach. What do my beach trips always seem to miss? Those ice cold drinks along and the ability to listen to music without sticking those white ear buds in my ears…oh and the nice, cool air conditioning. I thought this Boom Box Bag was the perfect way to take care of at least two out of my three problems with the beach. I can drink ice cold drinks and listen to music at the beach with no worries for $49.95.

Now, just a little thing, you should probably know about me…I love office supplies. This is why I always loved going back to school…it meant going shopping for office supplies. With the back-to-school season lurking up behind us faster than we expected, this Micro Office Tool Box ($8.50) seems perfect to go in the back pack. It has everything I am always looking for but no one seems to have when we are in class!

This one will be my last, for now, I swear. Since I first walked into Annie’s store, I can’t seem to get over this piece of art hanging behind the counter. Whenever I go on road trips I always play the license plate game in my head where you try to spot as many different license plates as you can from around the country (I can never seem to spot all 50). It is kind of neat to see how all of them look and I think this brings that all together in this cool License Plate Art for $300.

Well, that is all for now but thanks for listening!



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