Lit Libs on the beach…

Rob and I had a fun time out at the beach the other day, thanks to our wonderful friend Ellen. We camped out for a full day at the beach on Monday- everyone said we picked the best day, and they were right. The heat had settled back to a respectable 88 degrees, there was even a breeze in the air. It was a white flag day at the beach- meaning the water was calm and we rode some waves. Back on the beach I pulled out one of my favorite new items- Lit Libs, like adult Mad Libs. Lit Libs are 40 literary rewrites where you brainstorm fun adjectives, nouns, body parts, goofy birds, etc. and then fill them in to the stories and poems of Edgar Allen Poe, Hemingway, Jane Austen, even Aesop. Rob was particularly good at plucking interesting words out of thin air (his choice of GIRDLE for woman’s clothing in the Moby Dick rewrite was quite brilliant) so we had a great time. For the curious, and literary challenged there is even a summation of each work at the end of the book if you want to get the real deal meaning. Lit Libs are great fun! $9.99.


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