Start Swaddling!

I have always loved to see babies get all swaddled up in a cozy blanket. It is soothing to the new little ones who feel protected (like being in the womb), it inhibits spontaneous movement too so babies stay asleep longer. The tradition of swaddling goes back to 4000 BC, Ancient Greeks and Romans did it, there is even evidence in the Bible of swaddling. These yummy muslin blankets are perfect for swaddling. Muslin is a durable yet breathable and stretchy fabric so air can circulate around the babe, allowing for even more comfort. Plus, these lovely patterns are so compelling- makes me want to wrap a little nugget up!! The single blankets above come tucked in a pretty bag and are $22 each. A customer just snagged the Pink and Blue stars up for a friend having twins. The moo cow one is so sweet too! We also have some 2 packs ($32) and 4 packs ($44, arriving soon). These blankets can also be used in the crib, stroller, anywhere- long after swaddling time in over!


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