Eco Lunches R’ US

We are loading up for Back to School and have been eyeing these Stainless Steel lunch containers for awhile now and are very excited we just them in stock. 4 sizes, all re-usable and dishwasher safe so you can use them every day for your (or your kids!) lunch. The eco- lunch category has really grown in the last few years, and there is all sorts of cute & clever stuff out on the market now- including the Lunchskins that we have been selling like CRAZY–

More styles and patterns to choose from in store and online. These re-usable baggies replace plastic baggies and also can go in the dishwasher (hundreds of times)- saving tons of plastic bags from the landfill. Lunchbags will be in soon too- so hold tight!! Reduce your carbon footprint, eat healthy and PACK YOUR LUNCH!!! Lunchbots PICO $13.50, Lunchbots UNO & DUO $15.50 each, Lunchbots ECO $17.50. Lunchskins Snack size– $7.95, Sandwich Size- $9.95.  And a special thanks to all who participated in our FRIDAY FREEBIES on our FACEBOOK Fan page! We gave away 5 fun treats this month, one each Friday- CONGRATS to everyone who won!!!


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