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So you can see I am loving my Hipstamatic Iphone App these days– here is my latest photo of our dear friend/customer/helper/neighbor Emily sporting one of our newest purchases- the YEAH! necklace. Sweet photo eh? That’s why I love the Hipstamatic- everyone can take cool shots with it. Well, back to business- you might remember my Yeah! Yea! Yay! debate a few months ago- well in typical Annie Lo fashion, I can’t let it go… so when I saw this necklace on someone I said- “How do you pronounce that word”– and they said Yeahhhhhh as in OH YEAHHHHH I realized it is a great word no matter how you use it. Soo, these awesome necklaces are available by special order only- through me. $38 each. Oh YEAH!! email me or call me at the shop to place an order- or 718.522.9848.

The Boombox Cooler keeps getting cooler…

My friend Sems’ stopped by the other day to see me (we also had a lot to celebrate, after 6 1/2 years he got his Green Card- yeah!!) and I was finally able to give him back his Boombox Cooler. Sems’ was with me at the Annie Hall Movie back in July when I got the call from Thrillist that the Boombox Coolers were going to be on NBC and since I was waiting for more to come back in stock, Sems’ kindy loaned me his. That’s his cool Vespa with the Cooler on the back, Brooklyn Style. These Coolers have been one of those crazy Word of Mouth items that went a little nutty- people told me they stopped people on the street who had them on the handlebars of their bike, or they saw it on TV, or they bought one for their beach house and for one at home and 6 more for people as Christmas presents– you get the idea. To refresh your memory, the coolers hold up to 18 cans/12 bottles (or whatever your fancy is…) and have a separate/water protective pouch for batteries and cord to attach to your Ipod (etc.) so you can blare some tunes. Fun for the beach, picnics, tailgating, you name it– life just got a little more fun with the Boombox cooler in your corner. Check out the NBC clip here–Cool Stuff for Hot Days Special Thanks to the awesome people over at Thrillist for including us in their amazing roundup of cool stuff. MORE COOL STUFF HERE!

Blue Ribbons & Clown Noses

I came across this picture of me as PATCHES the clown last weekend when I was home- it always makes me laugh. For a few years when I was younger I was in a Clown Club through 4H- besides learning about clowning (like how to make Balloon Animals and other important stuff like that) we also worked store openings and birthday parties. Good times back in the day. This picture makes me look really tall but I was like the shortest kid in the class, probably like 4 feet. I wasn’t going to mention it until I came across this BLUE RIBBON that I won for Best Clown (1983!)- check it out-

Now you might be wondering- why isn’t Patches smiling? I was a hobo clown and hobo’s (or tramps as some people also call them) are not happy clowns. Interesting choice for a young kid. I remember everyone around me was a Smiling clown, so I must have just wanted to be a rebel. I was happy enough on my own I suppose, and of course we know not all clowns are the happy-go-lucky kind. Anyway- all this came out in an interesting conversation on Friday when we received The Man Behind the Nose, a new book about Bozo the clown-

A woman who had just been in the shop the day before picked it up immediately- she was going to a birthday party that night for someone who used to be a clown and thought it would be a perfect gift. We wrapped it up with a red clown nose too!

Here’s a little more about the book from the publisher: The Man Behind the Nose is the autobiography of the man who was Bozo. For 50 years Larry Harmon was the face—and the nose—of Bozo the Clown, the most well-known, beloved clown of them all, the precursor for every successful modern-day harlequin to come, from Ronald McDonald to Krusty. A warm, surprising, and endlessly entertaining life story filled to the brim with “Assassins, Astronauts, Cannibals, and Other Stupendous Tales,” The Man Behind the Nose is a rollicking ride through the world of a true American icon in greasepaint. Check it out- The Man Behind the Nose– $25.99, Clown Noses– $1.50 each.

When did Lunchbags get so cute??

When did Lunch bags get soo cute? Seriously, these amazing lunch bags and cooler bags are light years cuter and much more stylish than my Mork & Mindy lunchbox circa 1981. These are refined enough for Children and Adults.

More facts about these cool bags ($28 for Cooler style, $30 for Lunch bag style):

  • PVC-free, phthalate-free, and lead safe
  • Coated linen exterior with fully insulated lining
  • Detachable long strap for wearing as messenger bag or backpack
  • Adjustable carrying handle allows lunch box to be secured to another bag or hung from a stroller

Alphabet City: Out on the Streets

I am loving this new book we just got in- Alphabet City: Out on the Streets. Here’s a little synopsis from the publisher’s website:

Author Michael De Feo is a teacher and artist who achieved a certain amount of fame when his work was featured in The Art of Rebellion, the world’s best-selling international survey of street art. But it was in his role as educator that De Feo came to the conclusion that the market was lacking in good art books for children and that’s what inspired him to create one himself. Alphabet City encourages both children and parents to pay attention to their everyday surroundings by placing De Feo’s joyful images in the context of art in the streets. Witty and whimsical the book is bound as a children’s board book and features high quality photographic reproductions throughout. $19.95

SEVEN (yes 7!) Year Pen…

This is the coolest pen, it will last you SEVEN years! You wouldn’t know it but The Seven Year Pen hides a jumbo ink cartridge inside. Rather than join the 100 million pens discarded every day, The Seven Year Pen can write two meters a day for seven years. It’s got a long-life tip and high quality parts. Made in the eco-friendly country of Switzerland. Black ink, medium tip. All that for the bargain price of $7.50.

New York Magazine’s Fall Preview issue- US & PEE-WEE HERMAN!

Well, it certainly feels like fall this week in NYC- so it was no surprise to receive New York Magazine’s special FALL PREVIEW double issue yesterday in the mail. We, along with 58 other fabulous shops, were asked what we are excited about for fall and I wrote about our cool Lunch Bot containers-

It’s hard for me to choose ONE THING TO BE EXCITED about- but you can see that these cool eco friendly re-usable stainless steel lunch containers are the perfect Urban General Store item.  Plus, they are very BACK TO SCHOOL and as we know, timing is everything (pretty colors too!). 4 styles available (my magazine quote is “Snack containers in sizes for every appetite”)- Pico $13.50, Uno (blue one above) $15.50, Duo $15.50, Eco (green one above) $17.50. After I looked us up in the magazine and online I wondered- what prey tell is PEE-WEE HERMAN doing on the cover of the magazine? Did not know he was coming to Broadway (holey comeback Pee-wee), but you can read about it here. Does that make me one degree from PWH in the 6 degrees game?

Apartment Therapy/ Haptic Lab…

I don’t think I ever officially talked about Haptic Lab Soft Maps although we have been a huge supporter of these amazing quilts for months now but since we were just featured on Apartment Therapy (last Friday) in conjunction with these masterpieces I am going to talk about them now!

It’s no surprise to anyone that I love maps- half the wall art in our shop (and my home) are maps. For months now Rob has been regaling me with stories about quilts and how amazing they are, so when Emily of Haptic Lab came to our first “Open Call for New Designers” we fell in love. She interprets maps as quilts- something that was inspired by Emily’s mother Peggy who had begun losing her eyesight. The soft maps/quilts were so beautifully done, truly works of art- but how to market them so more people could afford them (the completely hand stitched versions can be upwards of $6000, worth every penny but not manageable price points for most of us). She said she was working on a printed version of several neighborhoods and would we be interested in selling those? Um, YES PLEASE! Besides being an incredibly talented architect, Emily also worked down the street at one of our favorite neighborhood places- The Victory, and had a sweet spot in her heart for Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store.  So, we were one of the first places to showcase the amazing Haptic Lab’s Readymade mini quilts (perfect for baby quilts- 36″ x 42″) here is an example of one she did for our shop (come in and see it!)-

This particular map is our neighborhood, Boerum Hill, but they are available also in several Brooklyn neighborhoods and 20+ cities (Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, other NY neighborhoods,  and MANY MORE!). They are $150, but for an extra $20 you can personalize them (like above)- with up to 5 places. We just gave one of Brooklyn Heights at a baby shower and it was a huge hit! This example is on our website, but let us know if you’d like to see more examples of the other cities. Delivery is 2-3 weeks. And be sure to check out the Apartment Therapy post too. Soft-Maps win the reader’s choice AND jury’s choice for Apartment Therapy’s 2009 Design Showcase in a landslide victory!

Coolest New Item- part deux… SAKE BOMB!!

I don’t think I have ever been excited as I am now for all the great new items we have coming in (on a daily basis!) for fall. You know by now I am a very passionate person and find it hard to CONTAIN MYSELF– soo, when I saw these cool Sake Bomb Sets I almost fell out of my chair (or high stool as it were, even more dangerous than a mere chair). The inspiration is a juxtaposition of the Fugu Fish (Blowfish), the most opulent of sashimi cuts and a WW II sea mine. That’s crazy talk people, but I dig it all. The small drinking cups perch neatly on the spines making it a compact entertaining tool.  I LOVE them, and can think of a few special people who would be over the moon to get one as a gift. They come in Black and White, so scoop one up while you can. $100.

COOLEST NEW ITEM (part 1): Film Festival in a Box!!

COOLEST NEW ITEM!!! These Film Festivals in a box are amazing– four 9 minute independent films (all family friendly) in a cool little box you can watch over and over with friends. At the end, vote online  that let you vote for your favorite film maker. Proceeds go directly to the filmmaker so you are not only having fun but supporting Independent Film. Plus, you get a virtual goodie bag online after you register your vote.  Comedy version and Fantastical Versions available.  $14.99 each.

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