INTRODUCING Annie’s Essentials Part Deux…

Introducing more ANNIE’S ESSENTIALS kits!! These were all born out of requests & necessity at the shop, hence the name. People ask for certain things all the time and so we tried to make it easy for them on the go– to a  meeting, traveling out of town, going to a birthday party, you name it. Here’s a little sampling of what’s in each kit. ALL of them include a chocolate treat (because let’s face it, chocolate makes everything better!) and a 5×7 postcard on How to Have a Blue Ribbon Day (see below). The chocolate treats are blue and green m&m’s that say Annie’s BRGS and Fun & Function- cute, right?

TCB- Taking Care of Business Kit: a Field Notes notebook & Field Notes Pen. $4.50.

“In Stitches” Sewing Kit: tons of thread, needles, mini scissors, pins, etc. and info on “how to sew on a button.” $4.00.

Birthday card Party to Go Essentials Kit: Itty Bitty Birthday Banner, funky candle, Fortune Teller fish. Better than a Birthday card! $4.50.

Last Minute Travel Essentials Kit: toothbrush & toothpaste, 2 pill towels, lemon towelette & earplugs. $8.

Thank You to Go! Kit: Thank You to Go Essentials Kit: An all-purpose Thank You note, pen, cool stamp (none of this Liberty Bell stamp stuff for us!).  $5.

Hangover Relief Essentials Kit: Advil, Alka Seltzer, Tylenol & earplugs. Perfect for weddings, parties, goody bags, vacations, everyday.  you name it…$4.


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