International Press- We Thank YOU!!

We have been SOO lucky at the shop for help in getting the word out about our shop- all over the world!! Jessica was manning the shop this weekend and told me a great story about 2 women from Toronto who came all the way to the city to shop AT ANNIE’S!! I love hearing great stories that that!! Ladies- if you are out there, sorry I missed you but thanks sooo much for coming to Brooklyn!! It reminded me that we have gotten some great International Press that I thought I’d share with you all- and there is more to come because we just had a photo shoot for a Japanese magazine called figaro Japon, so stayed tuned for that story in late September.

Last November Time Out Istanbul gave us a shout out in their “48 Hours in New York City” write up.  You may wonder how I found such an article because if you read it, its all in Turkish! Well, my dear friend Sems‘ told me about it (someone in his homeland of  Turkey told him about it) otherwise I never would have known. We are HONORED to be a part of this great feature!

In May we had one of our office items featured in this beautiful Women’s Magazine from The Netherlands- Linda. It is truly a gorgeous publication (I know because they nicely sent us a copy!). They wrote about our “What’s For Lunch” Spinner, which sadly is no longer available- but it was cool that they wrote about it (um, we still had it in the spring). Update: someone pointed out that I wrote that this is a beautiful magazine and there is a naked man on the cover- ha!! Yes, he is quite attractive- but that’s not really what I meant! The whole publication is wonderfully done with lovely photos of all sorts of things…

Most recently too we had some of our cute Momiji Dolls featured In KoreAM- which is a wonderful publication that covers and analyzes the news, culture, entertainment, sports, politics and people of Korean America. It is out of California- but I am including it in our list since it’s got an International reach- and we have been in there a few times- thanks KoreAM!!

You might also remember when we were in this cool Japanese Weekly, Weekly NY Japion– for our cool Brooklyn Dog Biscuits. Lots of International Love. And just as I was writing us someone called me for a big order from a college in Canada- so thanks for ALL THE INTERNATIONAL LOVE!!!


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