Apartment Therapy/ Haptic Lab…

I don’t think I ever officially talked about Haptic Lab Soft Maps although we have been a huge supporter of these amazing quilts for months now but since we were just featured on Apartment Therapy (last Friday) in conjunction with these masterpieces I am going to talk about them now!

It’s no surprise to anyone that I love maps- half the wall art in our shop (and my home) are maps. For months now Rob has been regaling me with stories about quilts and how amazing they are, so when Emily of Haptic Lab came to our first “Open Call for New Designers” we fell in love. She interprets maps as quilts- something that was inspired by Emily’s mother Peggy who had begun losing her eyesight. The soft maps/quilts were so beautifully done, truly works of art- but how to market them so more people could afford them (the completely hand stitched versions can be upwards of $6000, worth every penny but not manageable price points for most of us). She said she was working on a printed version of several neighborhoods and would we be interested in selling those? Um, YES PLEASE! Besides being an incredibly talented architect, Emily also worked down the street at one of our favorite neighborhood places- The Victory, and had a sweet spot in her heart for Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store.  So, we were one of the first places to showcase the amazing Haptic Lab’s Readymade mini quilts (perfect for baby quilts- 36″ x 42″) here is an example of one she did for our shop (come in and see it!)-

This particular map is our neighborhood, Boerum Hill, but they are available also in several Brooklyn neighborhoods and 20+ cities (Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, other NY neighborhoods,  and MANY MORE!). They are $150, but for an extra $20 you can personalize them (like above)- with up to 5 places. We just gave one of Brooklyn Heights at a baby shower and it was a huge hit! This example is on our website, but let us know if you’d like to see more examples of the other cities. Delivery is 2-3 weeks. And be sure to check out the Apartment Therapy post too. Soft-Maps win the reader’s choice AND jury’s choice for Apartment Therapy’s 2009 Design Showcase in a landslide victory!


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