New York Magazine’s Fall Preview issue- US & PEE-WEE HERMAN!

Well, it certainly feels like fall this week in NYC- so it was no surprise to receive New York Magazine’s special FALL PREVIEW double issue yesterday in the mail. We, along with 58 other fabulous shops, were asked what we are excited about for fall and I wrote about our cool Lunch Bot containers-

It’s hard for me to choose ONE THING TO BE EXCITED about- but you can see that these cool eco friendly re-usable stainless steel lunch containers are the perfect Urban General Store item.  Plus, they are very BACK TO SCHOOL and as we know, timing is everything (pretty colors too!). 4 styles available (my magazine quote is “Snack containers in sizes for every appetite”)- Pico $13.50, Uno (blue one above) $15.50, Duo $15.50, Eco (green one above) $17.50. After I looked us up in the magazine and online I wondered- what prey tell is PEE-WEE HERMAN doing on the cover of the magazine? Did not know he was coming to Broadway (holey comeback Pee-wee), but you can read about it here. Does that make me one degree from PWH in the 6 degrees game?


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