The Boombox Cooler keeps getting cooler…

My friend Sems’ stopped by the other day to see me (we also had a lot to celebrate, after 6 1/2 years he got his Green Card- yeah!!) and I was finally able to give him back his Boombox Cooler. Sems’ was with me at the Annie Hall Movie back in July when I got the call from Thrillist that the Boombox Coolers were going to be on NBC and since I was waiting for more to come back in stock, Sems’ kindy loaned me his. That’s his cool Vespa with the Cooler on the back, Brooklyn Style. These Coolers have been one of those crazy Word of Mouth items that went a little nutty- people told me they stopped people on the street who had them on the handlebars of their bike, or they saw it on TV, or they bought one for their beach house and for one at home and 6 more for people as Christmas presents– you get the idea. To refresh your memory, the coolers hold up to 18 cans/12 bottles (or whatever your fancy is…) and have a separate/water protective pouch for batteries and cord to attach to your Ipod (etc.) so you can blare some tunes. Fun for the beach, picnics, tailgating, you name it– life just got a little more fun with the Boombox cooler in your corner. Check out the NBC clip here–Cool Stuff for Hot Days Special Thanks to the awesome people over at Thrillist for including us in their amazing roundup of cool stuff. MORE COOL STUFF HERE!


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