clean up with GOODBYE DETERGENT!

What is up with these Spaghetti Sponges you ask? Well, they are a revolutionary new technology in the cleaning world from a great company called Goodbye Detergent. Not only are they eco-friendly and made from recycled products, they also reduce the need for detergents and soaps which contain toxins and chemicals that are bad for the environment. The Coarse Spaghetti Scrub (top picture) is made with Corn Cobs (!?!?) and not only do they not smell (and lack mold and bacteria) but they also LAST FOR MONTHS!! Save money and the environment by reducing the need for soap. The Gentle Spaghetti Scrub (second style) are made from Peach Pits!! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but these are just tremendously fun and functional- and they are $8.99 for a set of 2. BARGAIN! Also available are these Heavy Duty Kitchen Pads, above. Don’t ruin your wonderful cookware and appliances with harsh chemicals and rusty steel pads, and again, no soap is needed (a little can be used if desired). $6.99 for 4 pcs. Made with Alumina. Below, check out the Stainless Steel Cleaning Pads (set of 2 $6.99), made with Recycled plastic.


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