The world is a tough place at times. Let’s face it, it’s a tough place most of the time. One thing we can all do to make it a better place for ALL OF US, is to BE GOOD TO PEOPLE! I am soo happy and honored to be selling this amazing line of tshirts (and hats!) that help spread a message we all need to hear more about.  Do your part. Here is a little more from their inspiring website:

Being Good to People is…

  • It’s performing simple acts of kindness, and recognizing others for their “Good.”
  • It’s a renewed feeling of hope, relief from today’s negative news.
  • It’s joy in simple things. Returning to basic, core values.
  • It’s communicating a shared belief, like-minded people spreading a positive message.
  • It’s a movement. Changing the world, one person, one kind act at a time.

A friend told me about these shirts and this amazing cause a few months ago and then auspiciously I met the founder, Kris Wittenberg, at a Women’s Business Event (Make Mine a Million $) and I fell in love with her idea and am honored to be selling them in our shop. The idea for BGTP actually was born out of a rude experience that Kris had running errands at lunch one day in 2008. Although the exact bad experience has long been forgotten but the idea that people need to be better to one another has not. Spread the Word- Be Good To People.

Amazing long sleeve cotton t-shirts, available on line in black and in store in black & white, $30. Everything in the line is black & white, because…”It’s so simple, it’s black and white.” Seriously, these shirts feel so good, you will feel good inside and out wearing them! Black Hats with white lettering, $18.


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